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Primary Education Project

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How Our Work Promotes Love and Forgiveness: 

The marginalized minority communities in the rural areas of Sindh, Pakistan have often been overlooked, abused, neglected, and told that they were useless. The Primary Education Project seeks to show love to these communities by empowering them through education, which acts as a catalyst for the overall improvement of the community. Many of these communities are Hindu and Muslim villages that have harbored much bitterness and resentment towards the other. As a Christian organization, the Primary Education Project seeks to bring all sides together to establish forgiveness and understanding, that we might pursue the betterment of the community as a whole. By using the values of peace, compassion, and equality found in each of these religious groups, we demonstrate that neither education nor love discriminates against caste, gender, ethnicity, or creed.

Education is the means by which we show love to villages that are too often told they are unlovable by those who foster enmity and who have not been able to forgive.

Organizational Profile/Synopsis: 

The mission of the Primary Education Project is to provide sustainable, quality education, especially for girls, without discrimination, in unreached marginalized communities, developing the skills of teachers and creating a network of effective leaders through wide-ranging training programs.

It seeks to address the international imperative to achieve Education for All and quality education targets, with focused planning for school sustainability. PEP has developed a wide range of training programs that are culturally sensitive for teacher training, whole school development, peace education, community capacity building, women’s empowerment, conflict resolution, children’s social and financial education and DRR.

It seeks to promote social justice and love by demonstrating peace and equality through its inclusive approach and curriculum initiatives. PEP has been shown to inspire individuals and families that they can overcome poverty, achieve their own goals, and work together in society to build a better future for all.


1. Construct 2 room school buildings for 20 village schools providing proven quality education with strong community ownership to facilitate sustainability and unity in villages.

2. Strengthen the performance of Children's Savings Groups through training programs to develop leadership and decision making skills so the children may better display acts of love toward one another

The Primary Education Project has opened 84 schools that serve 4,750 school children.
We have trained 135 Teachers using a methodology that was created specifically for marginalized communities.
Each of the 84 villages has received training on Disaster Risk Reduction to combat the frequent floods, basic health and sanitation education, and peace education.
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