50 Most Interesting History Research Paper Topics

For college-level writing to be successful, choosing the right topic is essential. A solid research subject enables fluid writing and impartiality in your arguments. Your research topic should ideally pique your interest and inspire you to explore numerous concepts in your work.

Selecting a single topic can frequently prove to be a difficult endeavour due to the range of themes in many professions. This page offers several history research paper ideas to help you choose your topic.

How to write a history research paper

The history and evolution of many nations and civilizations raise a wide range of issues. As a result, you have a wide range of options for research paper themes and can pick any subject that sparks your curiosity. 

Unfortunately, the abundance of options may make it difficult for you to choose just one. When choosing a subject for your dissertation, keep the following in mind:

  1. Read the question

Consult the prompt before choosing a topic to ascertain the variety of concepts you can explore within the more general essay question. After that, this should aid you with your research and ensure that your topic is pertinent and follows the faculty’s criteria. 

  1. Brainstorm

Consider several concepts that have previously aroused your interest in this issue after evaluating the dissertation question. These subjects are excellent choices for you since they provide strong incentives to conduct a thorough investigation. 

  1. Research

Check out the numerous new issues in your field after you’ve consolidated your thoughts. These subjects hardly ever make it into previous dissertations, allowing for original viewpoints on a variety of issues. 

Additionally, look at the depth of research that has gone into a concept and identify original strategies that might lead to brand-new discoveries and conclusions. Choose a subject that has a variety of sources to back up the various claims in your research. 

  1. Create a plan

Create a research outline for the three or two themes you choose as your top priorities after reducing your topic possibilities. The history research paper outline will enable you to determine how thoroughly the subject may be covered, ensuring that you have enough information for a thorough conversation. 

The outline directs your dissertation prospectus as well because it emphasizes the main concepts you plan to include in your work. We also find the outline to be a handy tool for editing as it can be crosschecked with the reverse outline to highlight the underdeveloped ideas.

Ideas for a research paper about history

Ancient history research paper topics

  1. Rome’s early use of science and technology
  2. How were the pyramids in Egypt built?
  3. What part does archaeology play in historical studies?
  4. Greek mythology’s role in religion and society
  5. Principal characteristics of ancient Greek architecture
  6. Roman agricultural deities
  7. The historical background of the Great Sphinx
  8. The role of religion in ancient Egypt

Art history research paper example

  1. Chinese and Japanese traditional clothing: history and cultural effects
  2. Hinduism’s influence on ancient Indian art
  3. The biblical inspirations behind Leonardo da Vinci’s earliest works of art
  4. Paintings by Raphael and their quirks
  5. The well-known authors of enlightenment literature
  6. Significant changes in painting techniques during the impressionist era
  7. Can the vast majority of modern art be said to be fake?

History research paper topics

  1. Ancient Egyptian views on immortality and death
  2. Germany’s image of Hitler during World War II
  3. Ancient Britain and the Status of Women
  4. The Middle Ages saw changes in armour and weapons
  5. European medieval society and its ties
  6. Ancient societies and the usage of weapons
  7. The first Marne fight and its significance in stopping German advances

Interesting history research paper topics

  1. Establishing the European Union
  2. African Americans and WWII
  3. The controversy surrounding François Mitterrand and his legacy
  4. Modern world entrepreneurs and inventors
  5. The price of American industrialisation
  6. Social and economic changes as well as gender inequality
  7. French Revolution’s effects on contemporary France

Music history research paper topics

  1. The genesis and key traits of country music
  2. Rock’n’roll’s antecedents, influence, and cultural significance
  3. A postmodern take on classic song writing
  4. The phenomenon of Mozart, his creativity, and his style
  5. How modern music has been influenced by technology
  6. How did drugs influence the growth of psychedelic rock?
  7. The usage of electronic instruments and digital audio

US history research paper topics

  1. What is the function of amendments in American constitutional change?
  2. What significant role did African Americans play in the revolution?
  3. Describe the significance of the American victory at the Battle of the Great Bridge
  4. How did America’s financial sector fare during the Great Depression?
  5. How near has a second “Great Depression” been in American history?
  6. What innovators contributed to the industrial revolution
  7. What economic principles underpin the industrial revolution?

World history topics for research paper

  1. Examine the Qin Dynasty’s success during the Chinese Warring States era
  2. Describe the meaning of the phrase “Bipolar World” in more detail
  3. Describe the geopolitical factors that led to the expansion of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula
  4. Name three influential historical figures who changed the course of history
  5. The establishment of the State of Israel and its effects there
  6. List the advantages and disadvantages of the Palaiologan dynasty’s Byzantine Empire
  7. Talk about the struggles for freedom in Portugal and Spain

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